Are you navigating a career transition?

Are you approaching a creative project, but having trouble committing?

Does it feel like you have to choose between “being responsible” and pursuing a life with more meaning?

Is the “what next” question relaying feelings of stress and anxiety rather than excitement and joy?

Would you like some help with this?

Through our work together you will..

Eradicate mental clutter and habitual self doubt.

Become crystal clear on a life goal you want to prioritize.

Create a strategy that is achievable if scary (embrace calculated risk!).

Master tools to help you be your most productive, motivated, and balanced self.

You will attend to the path you know you want, creating a life you love.

To be clear, the package descriptions below indicate points of contact to give you an idea of the time commitment involved on your part.

Yet, the power of coaching is not in the number of sessions or e-mails exchanged. It’s about the relationship, the experience, and the magic (yes, I said it. MAGIC) that happens when you have another person 100% committed to making your life lovable.

Give yourself the gift of support.

I offer an introductory session for the cost of $55. This is an extraordinary opportunity for you to feel what it’s like to have someone 100% committed to supporting you and your vision. Should we continue to work together, this initial cost will go towards the coaching plan of your choice.

Introductory Session: $55

Coaching Service Packages


This level of coaching is definitely not for everyone. Consider it like the “Bat-line,” and you not only have the number, you have your own ringtone. This work is tailored, high touch, high impact, one-on-one coaching that transcends the construct of “sessions,” or “billable hours.”

We will have two in-person meetings in the San Francisco Bay Area. One at the very start of our work together, and one at the end of our work together. The lion’s share of the experience will be composed of coaching via skype, phone, and e-mail.

This is a 12 month commitment, but requires much more of you than your time.
By applying to be an Elevation coaching client, you are saying the following to the universe:

  • I am ready to turn everything upside down.
  • I am 100% completely and utterly committed to reaching the next elevation of my life.
  • I am very aware that there is a greater power at work in my life, but I want to do my part, and I want to do it well.

I will be diving in, both feet, no wet-suit, into the unknown waters with you…and looking forward to it.

On a Mission

This is high frequency work for those of you on a serious mission. You don’t have to know what your goal or project is exactly, but you know a big change is underway.

Maybe you have already started your journey but the “check engine” light keeps blinking.  

Consider this a jump-start, with ongoing roadside maintenance.


  • 3, 50 minute calls or skype sessions a month
  • Unlimited e-mail wrap-around support
  • Standing weekly e-mail check-ins with goal-oriented inquiries and follow ups
  • MP3 recordings of all calls

Note – On a Mission and Foundation coaching packages require a minimum 3 month commitment, due to the absolute fact that making a big change means toggling between “No big deal!” and “Oh God, what have I done,” on a regular basis. We will work through these ebbs and flows together, identify the blocks, and leverage them for growth.


The pacing of this package  allows for more processing time between sessions to digest your realizations, decisions, and plans. This schedule is effective for people with packed schedules who struggle to find time for personal development. And rest assured: the results this program provides will last a lifetime as they are built on a solid foundation of consistent work over three months.


  • 2, 50 minute calls or skype sessions a month
  • Standing weekly e-mail check ins with specific goal oriented inquiries and follow ups
  • MP3 recordings of all calls

Note – On a Mission and Foundation coaching packages require a minimum 3 month commitment, due to the absolute fact that making a big change means toggling between “No big deal!” and “Oh God, what have I done,” on a regular basis. We will work through these ebbs and flows together, identify the blocks, and leverage them for growth.

Your Best Life

A Holistic Coaching Experience Combining Strength, Nutrition, and Life Coaching

Haylin Alpert, CSCS, FMS, NKT

Your Best Life is the brainchild of strength and nutrition coach, Haylin Alpert, founder of Core-Principles, and myself to address the whole you, inside and out.

Through this program you will combine personal and professional development coaching with me as described above, with the following aspects of Haylin’s health and nutrition on-line coaching program:

  • Learning to be in better control of your health and your choices.
  • Creating a (more) positive relationship with exercise and nutrition.
  • Developing a strategy that utilizes small steps to create better sustainable habits.
  • Receiving a customized fitness program that you can execute at your convenience at home, when you’re on the road, or at your local gym.
  • Getting stronger and feeling empowered to take on your personal & professional challenges
  • Enjoying the positive impact fitness has on your emotions, confidence, mental acuity, energy levels, and physical preparedness for life’s challenges.
  • Understanding what sustainable eating habits look like.
  • Embracing the power of accountability and connectedness to help keep you focused on your commitments to yourself.

What the Your Best Life coaching program looks like:

Health and Nutrition Program with Haylin

  • Half-hour intro session to get to know you and your goals.
  • Bi-weekly afternoon office hours with Haylin.
  • Twice-weekly email check-ins with Haylin.
  • Exercise progression update every 4 weeks. This means that you will receive a new program based on your strength and flexibility progression each month.

Life Coaching with Dorothy

  • Bi-weekly 50 min skype or phone session.
  • Bi-weekly e-mail check-ins centered on inquiries specific to your goals.
  • Access to Dorothy’s templates and resources.
  • MP3 recordings of all calls by request.

During week two of the program, you will schedule a conference call with both Haylin and myself to clarify how we can be in alignment in best supporting the creation of a healthy life, in mind, body, and spirit. The entire program lasts three months with an option to continue working with one or both of us after the initial commitment is over.

We’ve titled this program Your Best Life, because we see our tandem coaching program as the whole enchilada. This program is ideal for anyone who is serious about going from feeling pretty good, to feeling great. Our online structure is convenient for busy professionals who have the self-motivation to commit to our scheduled calls and personalized programs. Contact me to get started!


Powerful Results

Dorothy helped me get to the bottom of what I really enjoy about the field of education. She not only reflected common themes in what I did and didn’t like about my current job, but she was genuinely excited about where those realizations might lead me. Dorothy shares her own invaluable thoughts and guidance while creating the space to bring out your own inner wisdom.

—D. R. , North Carolina

Dorothy provided me with an invaluable toolkit to approach life’s challenges with excitement. As I transition to a new career, I have moments of uncertainty, doubt, and frustration. Dorothy helped me embrace my talents, even in moments of change. Most importantly, she is patient, empathetic, and able to grasp the crucial issues that are holding me back from achieving my goals. Through our work I was able to prioritize both my personal and professional dreams. I cannot recommend her enthusiastically enough.

—Jennifer R., Michigan

I’ve worked with Dorothy through some major life transitions. She always listens with her heart, but also calls me out on the excuses I make for myself. After our work together, which has focused on having trouble choosing a path for myself, I always feel more refreshed, empowered, and ready to move forward with a clear goal in mind. Kind, grounded, and funny, Dorothy is full of great advice, sometimes paired with the perfect music recommendation.

—Non K., New York

Coaching is a relationship.
It’s an experience that creates miracles and transforms lives.

But no one will internally combust if they don’t have a coach.
In fact, most people you meet on the street won’t have a coach.
And here we are at the heart of the matter.  

You are giving yourself something that most people won’t.

You are saying “yes” to your life so you can stop playing the “if only” game.

You are investing in a relationship that will give you the edge.

You want to go deeper, past arbitrary goals and benchmarks.

You want a powerful coach because you. are. powerful.  

Let’s break it down into bullet points.
If the following sounds like you, we’re a good fit.
This means our work together will produce powerful and long-lasting results.

You are contemplating a career and/or personal transition.

You are pursuing a creative project or dream.

You are inspired to live a life you love.

What you do and create must be meaningful to you.

You are serious and committed to having an impactful coaching experience.

You understand the power of commitment.

Success coach and author Steven Chandler sums up all the reasons that I believe in the power of coaching:

“Personally, I believe in coaching so much that I have had my own coach for years. But that’s because I love having someone who believes in me. I love having someone hold me accountable to a bigger vision. I love someone who doesn’t believe in the negative stories I tell myself or the fears that hold me back.”

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