Frequently asked questions

Who are your coaching clients?

My clients are professional men and women who are ready to invest in creating the life they want to have. Most have been working for some time, have had “success,” but are ready to do differently. The people who find me are powerful mover-shakers. And most importantly, they are also ready to choose a life with more meaning. If you want to get past burnout and take action while embodying peace, wellness, and balance, we will be a perfect fit.  

Do you ever do in person appointments?

My coaching work is over the phone or preferably skype with the exception of the two in-person appointments included in the plan for Elevation clients. I love skyping with my clients because it allows for a deeper connection, opportunities to laugh together, smile at each other, and unite our powers.

My psychotherapy work is in person at my office in Burlingame, California.


How does payment work?


For your introductory session, payment is processed through my website via PayPal. if it’s a good fit and we continue to work together, I will send you a monthly invoice through PayPal and payment will be due by the first of the month. Many coaches require payment for the entire coaching commitment (3 to 12 months) up front. I choose to offer the option of monthly installments because I want to honor the very real needs of what it takes to financially do your life in a good way.


For therapy clients that I see in person on a weekly basis, I take cash, check, or credit cards. I am not on any insurance panels, but provide clients with monthly invoices for reimbursement from insurance companies.

Have a question that’s not on here? Feel free to contact me with additional questions. Thank you.