Coach and psychotherapist

Ask yourself:  What’s possible if we worked together?

If you’re committed, anything is possible.

I offer coaching and therapy for people seriously committed to doing the work and healing up past ideas to live a life they love. Often this involves a professional/career transition, making a significant lifestyle change, or tackling a creative project. Helping my clients find the ideal balance of creativity, planning, and action is my expertise. The results are transformational.

I will help you identify and accomplish your personal and career goals. Not the superficial, “I should want this,” goals.

I’m talking about the real goal.  

Underneath all the stories of “can’t” and conventional definitions of success.  

Once we get to the heart of the matter, we will create plans of action and the systems to sustain them. It doesn’t matter if you’re a recovering perfectionist, a tireless “doer…of everything,” or a creative daydreamer. You can have the life you want.

Through our work together, you will clear out the thinky cobwebs and remove the blocks, turning doubt, risk, and indecision into opportunities for expansion. Along the way, you will gain tools to rethink and refine how you are “doing” life. Productivity and creativity will go through the roof, with happiness and prosperity on its heels. It doesn’t have to be hard and complicated. Part of this work is about opening your heart and allowing more ease and simplicity into your daily life. 

I am also a licensed psychotherapist (MFT lic#52272) in California. I have a small practice of clients whom I see on a weekly basis in the San Francisco Bay Area. Many people have beliefs and stories about “how things are,” or “how things should be,” even if these ideas no longer serve them. Through our therapeutic work together, healing such stories is at the core of the work. For more details on the difference between therapy and coaching, please see the FAQ page.

What I did

After graduating from a small liberal arts college, I headed to Los Angeles. I worked tirelessly in film and music with big personalities on even bigger budget productions. But I soon realized that my own sense of being had fallen to the wayside. In a world of constant travel and fifteen hour days, the life I was living was not my own, no matter how hard I worked. I knew that if I never left the biz and plunged into the unknown, I’d regret it. So I quit my job at Sony/ATV Music and moved to the Bay Area to pursue a Master’s Degree in Counseling Psychology and dive deeper into my own spiritual practice. To pay the bills, I managed label relations at a music start-up, then known as MOG, now known as Apple Music. Shortly after that, everything came together in a way that can only be described as synergy.

My grueling experience in the film industry, and my rite-of-passage at a tech start-up became two of my strongest assets. In my therapeutic practice, I worked with many clients who also struggled with scarcity mindsets, poor work boundaries, and fear of commitment—a trend that has helped me understand what causes one person to move forward while the other stagnates. This is where my passion for and approach to coaching took shape. My experiences with clients have deepened my own understanding of what it means to be happy, creative, effective—ALIVE.

Who I am

When I’m not working with you, I’m fully enrapt in life on California’s coast with my husband and two daughters. Being a new mom, my explorations have a new sweetness. Whether I’m out with my family or finding precious time for myself, each decision and moment has a new depth.

I have a home on the coast, something I have always wanted. Looking out at the ocean never gets old and you’d be surprised at how many pictures of sea foam one person can take. On any given day you’ll find me at the local coffee shop clutching a caffeinated beverage with my nose in one of the five books I’m currently reading.

I consider myself a textbook left-brainer with overriding right-brain sensibilities, and this has served me well. I shower my neurons daily with a meditation practice to ensure that I function like a human being in a sea of constant connectedness.

My guilty pleasures include NBA TV and Amazon Prime.

Everything around us is constantly and rapidly changing. Knowing how to expertly leverage your life experiences, ride the crest of the unknown, and pivot towards the next best iteration of your life is a must.

Through our coaching relationship you will pick up the tools to do all of the above and more, arriving at the amazing life you always envisioned.