I have the most amazing job. Seriously.

I get to ask powerful women about their vision for their lives on a regular basis. Probably weekly.  It’s completely and utterly inspiring, humbling, and surprising all of the time.  But one element of NOT surprise I want to share with you is that there is almost always a practical version of this life vision and a dream version.

The dream version often consists of global travel, work that offers freedom as well as fulfillment, and other trademarks of happiness like ample time with family and financial prosperity.
Yeah! Excitement! Tears of Joy!

The practical version usually includes everything that falls under the umbrella of a safe” lifestyle that is enjoyable enough, meaningful enough,and comfortable enough to keep going through the motions.
Meh. I guess that’s cool. Tears of boredom.

My job is to bring these visions into alignment so that reality doesn’t have to look like a rendering of your dream life stripped down to its bare, rusty studs.
Woohoo! I CAN have it all! My BEST LIFE!

But I’ve noticed there is one item that always comes up in both the practical and dream realms: the concept of good health.
It usually sounds something like “I want to be healthy and feel good in my body.”
Or for those of you who are more straight up: “I want to lose a few pounds so all of my clothes fit.”

What I hear beneath both statements is the wish to be in control of our choices so we can create habits that make us feel our best.
I am not a fitness expert, nor have I studied nutrition. But I know that you can’t have a clean and clear head and heart if your body feels weak, stiff, heavy, and generally sluggish.

So for those of you who want to go the whole nine years and recalibrate your mind and spirit as you simultaneously do right by your body, have I got the plan for you.

It involves me (surprise!) and the slightly larger, more muscular, male version of me. That’s right, I’m talking about a strength and nutrition coach. And lucky for you, I’ve found the best there is: Haylin Alpert, of Core Principles, AKA the healthiest person I know.

haylin core principles

Haylin looking not at all tired after probably biking 50 miles with a backpack full of bricks. Just kidding. Probably there are very healthy snacks in the backpack.

At the beginning of our friendship, I tried using Haylin as more of a certified expert to resolve competitive spats between me and my husband.  I’d call up Haylin with a simple question: “What’s better? Running four miles a day, or doing ten sets of intervals on stairs as fast as possible? I’m a runner and Zak (my husband) just wants his work-outs to be as short as possible. Tell him he’s wrong.”

To my great annoyance, Haylin had more questions than answers to this and similar queries, which led to the conclusion that neither work-out was going to do much if our diet was inconsistent.  SO not the answer I was looking for, but a sound answer nonetheless.

Over the years, our conversations led us into a peer coaching relationship and from these conversations,  we envisioned a program that would provide support and accountability to transform busy, professional women into their most vibrant, healthy, and best selves– inside and out.  This holistic approach really excited us, and after some careful design and planning, we started offering the following program as our ultimate way to support the WHOLE you.

Ch-ch-check it:
YOUR BEST LIFE — A Holistic Coaching Experience Combining Strength, Nutrition, and Life Coaching

Health and Nutrition Program with Haylin

  • Half-hour intro session to get to know you and your goals.
  • Bi-weekly afternoon office hours with Haylin.
  • Twice-weekly email check-ins with Haylin.
  • Exercise progression update every 4 weeks. This means that you will receive a new program based on your strength and flexibility progression each month.

Life Coaching with Dorothy

  • Bi-weekly 50 min skype or phone session.
  • Bi-weekly e-mail check-ins centered on inquiries specific to your goals.
  • Access to Dorothy’s templates and resources.
  • MP3 recordings of all calls by request.

During week two of the program, you will schedule a conference call with both Haylin and Dorothy to clarify how we can be in alignment in best supporting the creation of a healthy life, in mind, body, and spirit. The entire program lasts three months with an option to continue working with one or both of us after the initial commitment is over.

We’ve titled this program Your Best Life, because we see our tandem coaching program as the whole enchilada. This program is ideal for anyone who is serious about going from feeling pretty good, to feeling great. Our online structure is convenient for busy professionals who have the self-motivation to commit to our scheduled calls and personalized programs. E-mail me to get started!

See you on the dreamier side of your practical, lovable, completely have-able life.