Say what you will about LA, but people there know how to dream, and everyone is waiting for a miracle. Landing that part, selling that screenplay, scoring the last parking spot at the Beverly Center. They’re all dreams –why not talk about them with your cohort of fellow dreamers and wax poetic while sipping vodka sodas by the pool.

I say “Go, you, LA.”

But can we do it better? Can we do better than talk about our dreams? Can we actually do our dreams?

The answer is of course—> NO DOUBT. And to make it easy for you…

The Dream it, Plan it, Crush it workshop is headed to Los Angeles!
Join me and a group of powerful women who are ready to design, create, and live a life they love.
I will be hosting a 4 hour workshop at
The Relational Center on Sunday, August 14th, 2016.
If you are a woman who is ready to  dust off that dream, take action, and crush the blocks that have been waylaying you, this is your moment.

Now’s the time.

Your dream’s not going to wait around forever.

Register and buy your ticket for the event by visiting my eventbrite page. For roughly the cost of two mani-pedis, you’ll take home the clarity, action steps, and momentum to stop wishing and start taking action.
[One could argue that mani-pedis also offer these things, and I would love to hear that argument.]

See you soon!

Read on about how living in LA taught me how to Admit then Commit…

I lived and dreamed in LA too, and while it wasn’t all rainbows and sunshine, it taught me a simple two step formula: ADMIT then COMMIT, that I want to pass on to you, minus the drama/hoopla. Unless you want the drama and hoopla, and then you and I can have another very animated conversation about being young in Hollywood.

C’mon! Admit it!
Eventually the truth will come out.

Admitting you want something increases vulnerability because it introduces risk. And unless you have a gambling problem and probably even if you do, being vulnerable and taking risks sets off a switch in your brain to flash the red lights and sound the alarm: STOP IT. STOP IT RIGHT NOW OR YOU WILL BE REGRET IT.

Admitting you have a dream is the first step and the next leap is admitting in actual words, what the dream is. Admit is a verb usually used to confess a crime, or come clean in some way. I’m using it as a verb that means you are pushing past the red lights and alarm bells and saying what it is you WANT. Be brave here. Go past what you normally allow yourself to say.

Right after I graduated from college I moved to LA without a job, connections, or a car. GASP!  BTW, this is not advisable at all. Part of my “becoming an adult” meant I had to admit to myself, my parents, my friends, that I wanted to work in an industry that is known for ripping people to shreds. Yet, at the time, even without mad connections and hook-ups, or even transportation, it was worth it to me to at least try. After a few cold calls to random alumni network angels to whom I also had to say my dream out loud,  I landed my first job at a talent agency.
Calling up a complete stranger and professing your dreams and aspirations can actually be liberating.
Try it one day.

You Gotta Commit.
Going Steady with your dream.

You see, your brain knows that once you say your dream out loud with actual words, there’s no turning back. Once you voice said dream to your friends and loved ones–well now you’ve really  done it. You’re attaching your name, face, and reputation to it. You’re tattooing your surname in cursive lettering on its forehead. And just like a tattoo, you can’t really half-commit. If it’s there, it’s there. Committing to your dream means you’re taking this relationship to the next level. Like any relationship that matters to you, this is when you start making plans for the future, you start assuming that major holidays will be spent together, and you keep your promises. If you don’t do these things, I hate to say it, but you’ll probably get dumped in the very near future.

For anyone who has ever worked on a film, there is a lot at stake. Money, egos, reputations, careers. When you are in the throes of production, you are constantly aware of the consequences of every detail: one hair out of place, one misplaced set piece, one tiny mistake on the call sheet.
Have you ever done such an exercise? I mean, in real life.
Have you ever taken a deep look inside and then made a list of everything at stake if you DON’T follow your heart? If you don’t invest some time and energy in yourself and your pursuits?
I highly recommend doing this because it will force you to see that you just can’t afford to roll over anymore.

Part of making a commitment means you need to stay accountable, and you need to do your part. And that’s where I come in. After a super-rad, ultra-purple pegasus rock star filled workshop in the Bay Area, I’ve chosen to hold my next DPC workshop in Los Angeles. Because Los Angeles is where I learned how to dream. It’s four hours of your time on a beautiful Sunday to get down and dirty with what really needs to happen to make your dream a reality.

Join me.

You will be risking your time, energy…and about half the cost of a massage…but the potential upside is huge.

Admit you want to, then commit to being there.

See? You got this already!