Coaching and Therapy for Mindful Well Being

Enjoy your work, love your life. Learn More

Coaching and Therapy for Mindful Well Being

Enjoy your work, love your life. Learn More

Coaching and Therapy for Mindful Well Being

Enjoy your work, love your life.

Coaching Services Offered


Stop waiting for the mentor of your dreams and start the process of standing behind your vision. This is a twelve month commitment to your personal, professional, and spiritual development. The results are life-changing.

On a Mission

Are you yearning for personalized support that will match your own level of motivation and focus? Work with me on a mission to maximize your time and effort and see beauty in the results.


Are your creative endeavors taking a back seat to life-exhaustion? This coaching plan was created with the busy professional in mind. Find clarity, design a dream plan, and gain practical tools to accompany common sense spiritual practices and you will be on your way to crushing it in no time.


Powerful Results

“After attending the DPC session I felt refreshed, renewed, and reaffirmed. Working through my ideas, excitement, and fears with other women gave me both perspective and encouragement. Dorothy provides a balance of exercises that support and challenge you. By journalling, meditating, speaking with other group members, and reflecting with Dorothy, I feel more confident with where I am and where I am going. Dorothy creates a comfortable environment with her genuine and empathetic nature, attention to both detail and the big picture, the fantastic music playlist, and her preparation before the DPC and follow up afterwards. I highly recommend time with Dorothy, whether in a group DPC session or as an individual session, if you are looking for a thoughtful way to reach your goals and dreams.”

Dorothy Kowal Coaching

 Alexandra T., California

“As a young woman and recent college grad, I am so happy to have Dorothy’s constant support. Together, we have worked on plans, both short-term and long-term. Her coaching, encouragement, and overall enthusiasm is fantastic, and helps me to believe that change is possible. When I communicate an idea to Dorothy, she wonderfully clarifies exactly what I am trying to say. Sometimes, she puts my ideas into words way better than I ever could! Our coaching sessions are always something I look forward to and I would highly recommend her to any woman during any phase of her life.”

Dorothy Kowal Coaching

 McKenna S., California

“Dorothy is an empathetic and insightful life coach. She helped me break down the ‘whys’ so that I was better able to drill down and discover my true, underlying life goals. With Dorothy’s help I am better able to verbalize and visualize my personal and professional intentions and create a path of action to reach them. When you speak, you can tell that Dorothy is listening mindfully, because she is able to reflect on what she’s heard and give thoughtful and obtainable options for you to reach your goals.”

Dorothy Kowal Coaching

 Soraya S., California

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